Back from vacation, back on the grind.

As the title states I just got back from a two week vacation in Europe visiting Paris, Florence, Rome and southern Italy where my family lives (think tip of the boot). The trip was wonderful, got to see some amazing sites, eat some amazing food and it also gave my brain some time to decompress and relax for the first time in a long time.

Cant beat this view!

But coming back from an extended break from a part time side hustle can be a little difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to get right back into the swing of things like you were before you left. You need to find that motivation to get back out there and source some more materials for you to flip. It’s happened to me more than once; I was on a mad tear flipping my ass off and then a vacation came. I would go on vacation, come back and inexplicably I would stop flipping. This is what we want to avoid. I will try and give my best tips on how to avoid falling into the same trap that I’ve found myself in time and time again (but not this time!)



The first thing I can say is DO NOT WAIT TO GET BACK OUT THERE! You may be saying to yourself, “I’ll go out next weekend, once I’m back in the swing of things back home.” WRONG! This never works for me and it may not work for you! The best way to get back into the game is to jump right back in. You come back from the beach at noon? Drop off your stuff, hop in the shower and head out on the road looking for gold! Even if you’re exhausted and don’t want to go out you could easily hop on your phone/computer and check out, or any other garage sale-esque sites out there.

Another good idea would be to reevaluate your stock. Maybe you have some items that have been sitting for longer than you’d like. Take this time to go through everything and adjust your listings so they have a higher probability of selling.

One thing I always do when I get back is evaluate all of my shipping/packing products. Do I have enough bubble mailers, poly mailers, shipping tape, bubble wrap? Do I have the right shipping materials for what I have listed currently? Do I need to purchase more? Little things like this are simple tasks you can do at home but will still jump start your mindset back into flipping mode. The goal is to get your brain back into the swing of things as soon as possible. Procrastination is your mortal enemy in flipping; the longer you wait the more money you lose out on.

Now that I’m back from vacation expect plenty of more posts! I had a very valuable learning experience yesterday that I think everyone would gain to learn something from (I sure as hell did and I’ve been doing this for years). So check back soon and check back often!

Now go make some money!