Supplies you’ll need

Items for flipping

The essentials to begin your business.

If you want to begin flipping there are some general tools and items you’ll need in order to get your business up an running efficiently. Below is everything that I personally use to run my little operation out of my home.

Disclaimer: I feel that I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t make this information public to everyone viewing this page. All of the links are Amazon affiliate links which means you don’t pay any more than you normally would. What it means is that if you purchase through my links you’ll be helping me keep this site up. Completely up to you!

Number 1: Tape Gun

While flipping you’re going to be doing a lot of online selling. This means packing up and shipping the products you sell. To tape up the boxes don’t use those cheap tape things you get at Staples or whatever, get a real tape gun. It’s not even that much money to be honest and it’s worth every penny. This is the one I use;

Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Tape Dispenser

My personal tape gun. Uline H-150

This tape gun is solid and well built. When you think about it, that’s all you really need. Plus, it’s only $14.20 on Amazon. Click the link below to view it in Amazon.

Number 2: Scale

In order to ship out of your house properly you’ll need to know the weight of your package. That way you can just enter it into eBay/Amazon and print out your shipping labels from home.

Smart Weigh Digital Shipping Scale – 110lbs

Another pro is that this scale is built like a tank.

The great thing about this scale is the fact that the display is attached to the scale by a chord. This allows you to weigh larger boxes and still see the weight. The high weight capacity also makes it a plus. You can pick it up for $29.99 on Amazon. Again, click the link below to view it.

Number 3: Sticker removal tools

Often when you’re sourcing you’ll come across products in thrift stores or estate sales that have price stickers attached. Later on when you’re trying to sell your product you don’t want the potential buyers to see what you paid for it so it’s always best practice to remove those stickers. And as we all know and have experienced, sometimes if you try to remove the sticker with your fingers you leave part of it behind. Due to me running into this issue multiple times I went ahead a purchased some ticker removal tools.

Scotty Peelers Label & Sticker Remover – 4 Pack

They also last a while. I bought on pack 3 years ago and they’re still going strong.

These tools are 100% necessary if you want to get into flipping. These make removing stickers easy and, when done properly, with no sticky residue left behind. You can get a 4 pack on Amazon for only $8.20. Trust me, they’re worth every penny.





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